I am very pleased to offer you this selection of my photographs. See them on this page, or download a paper version of this gallery. All are mounted on canvas in hand made frames.

Nestled in the heart of the Catlins, South Island, the Purakanui Falls are only a short walk from the road. This day I was fascinated by the foreground light and snapped the scene. The photo says it all. Enjoy!
“Purakanui Falls” – Catlins, Southland
Price NZ$165
(+ $18 packing and post)
Size 50mm x 345mm – Framed canvas

This photograph captures the beauty of Lake Wanaka in Autumn. The famous tree is the subject of many photos but this one shows the mood of the lake which changes every day.
“Lake Wanaka in Autumn”
Price NZ $185 (+ $18 packing and post)
Size 720mm x 345mm – framed canvas

Bremner Bay in Lake Wanaka. This is one of my favourite places. I visit it every time I go to the Lake. Enjoy the view!
“ Bremner Bay in Autumn” – Lake Wanaka
Price NZ $175
(+ $18 packing and post)
Size 650 x 345mm – Framed canvas

I was lucky to capture this wonderful reflection of the Buchanan mountains on the lake early one morning. Lake Wanaka is a gem and is a place you must visit.
“Beacon Point” – Lake Wanaka
Price NZ $185 (+ $18 packing and post)
Size 720mm x 345mm – Framed canvas

For over 60 years I have been going up to Arthurs Pass for climbing, tramping and mountain hut building trips. This is the view taken on SH73 near the top of the hill overlooking Grasmere Station and the Cass Valley. This particular morning the cloud in the valley was in just the right place to capture the gap in the trees and have the magnificent background of the snowy Polar Range mountains in the Arthurs Pass National Park.
Cass Valley Morning” – near Cass – August 2015
Price NZ $185 (+ packing and post)
Size 720mm x 340mm – Framed canvas

The famous willow tree at Lake Wanaka is one of the most photographed trees in the world. This photo captures the lovely sunrise over Mt. Iron a popular vantage point for the area.
Lake Wanaka Sunrise” (over Mount Iron)
Price NZ $185 (+ $18 packing and post)
720 x 345mm – Framed canvas

Ever since I first visited the Routeburn valley in 1958, it has been an attraction for me. This lovely bush setting was taken on the track into Lake Sylvan during a visit in 2015. I love the foreground with the logs and mosses. Truly give you the feeling you are “in the bush”. The Routeburn Valley was where I started tramping and hunting. It is a must visit valley for New Zealanders.
Ancient Forest – Routeburn Valley” – Jan 2015
Price NZ $155 (+ $18 packing and post)
Size 550mm x 340mm – Framed canvas

There is something magical about Glenorchy and I have been lucky to have friends there and as well, another good reason to visit at least once or twice each year. The road to Paradise is a delightful drive at least on a fine day. This photograph was snapped from the passenger seat of a 4WD vehicle and remarkably captures the beautiful stand of beech. Surely it is, “Paradise Road”.
“Paradise Road” near Glenorchy – Sept 2016
Price NZ $165 (+ $18 packing and post)
Size 530mm x 350mm – Framed canvas

Lake Wanaka is a special place and when in Wanaka, Bremner Bay is a spot that I always go to early in the morning to capture the light and the reflections of the mountains. In 1977 I was the President of the Canterbury Mountaineering Club and that year an expedition went to Tierra del Fuego in Chile to climb Cerro Egger, a sheer rock climb next to the infamous Cerro Fitzroy. Unfortunately a member of the expedition, Phil Herron died in an accident on the mountain. Right at this spot is a memorial seat for Phil and this is the view. A fitting place for him to be remembered.
“Bremner Bay – Lake Wanaka” – September 2016
Price NZ $185 (+ $18 packing and post)
Size 750mm x 340mm – Framed canvas

I have a kowhai tree in my driveway. Most of the time it drops leaves and seeds onto my car but when it flowers it is beautiful. So I share this with you.
Price NZ $175 (+ $18 packing and post)
660mm x 345mm – Framed canvas

The Hopkins valley is just south of Aoraki Mt Cook National Park. I was fortunate to visit the valley in March 2017. This is one photograph I took while having a lunch stop during a tramp. It looks superb on the canvas.
“Hopkins Valley “– near Lake Ohau – March 2017
Price NZ $185 (+ $18 packing and post)
Size 750mm x 345mm – Framed canvas

Not far from Hanmer Springs on the way to Lake Tennyson. I was lucky to capture the lovely light on the river bed.
“Clarence Valley” – near Hanmer Springs
Price NZ $185 (+ $18 packing and post)
Size 750mm x 340mm – Framed canvas

We are so lucky in New Zealand to have such lovely native forests. This photo was taken on the track into Lake Sylvan in the Routeburn Valley at the head of Lake Wakatipu. Enjoy the majestic beauty of the forest.
“Forest Giant”– Routeburn Valley
Price NZ $165 (+ $18 packing and post)
520mm x 350mm – Framed canvas

This was taken while on a 4WD trip from Naseby through to Omarama. It captures the beautiful mood of the day. Enjoy!
“Sentinel Rocks” – near Otematata – March 2019
Price NZ $195 (+ $18 packing and post)
Size 740mm x 35mm – Framed Canvas

The Ferry Bridge over the Waiau River is a great tourist attraction. Nearby one can book jet boat rides on the river or for the ambitious bungy jumps can be made from the bridge. Enjoy this view from a prominent lookout on the way to Hanmer.
“Ferry Bridge – Hanmer Springs” – February 2017
Price NZ $185 (+ $18 packing and post)
Size 750mm x 340mm – Framed canvas